1. Closed Circuit Cooling TowerThe closed circuit cooling tower WANXIANG provides is highly reliable cooling equipment for you.
    1. Open Cooling TowerThe open cooling tower is a professional re-circulating cooling system designed and manufactured by WANXIANG.
    1. Evaporative CondenserThis evaporative condenser has been adopted in many cooling systems in both the civilian and industrial areas.
    1. Cooling Tower PartsWe also provide various quality cooling tower parts and accessories for heat transfer products to customers

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Industrial Cooling Equipment Manufacturer

Wanxiang Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional cooling equipment manufacturer who is devoted to the R&D and manufacture of cooling equipment, heat transfer products. Our main products include the closed circuit cooling tower, open cooling tower, evaporative condenser, plate heat exchanger unit, industrial freezer and cooling machinery parts. Thanks to our professional R&D team and great manufacturing capacity, our products have been certified to the ISO9001: 2000 quality standard and the GB/T24001-2004 environment system standard. We have established reliable cooperative relations with over 1000 capable companies around the world, such as the SAIC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bosch Power Tools, and Zhenhua Heavy Industries. Based on years’ development, Wanxiang now could provide various commercial and industrial cooling equipment and ideal solutions to you. Customized products as well as OEM service are also available for you if you have the needs. We will exert our best efforts to provide you good cooling equipment and services.

    1. FBH Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

      This combined flow closed circuit cooling tower could effectively cool the designated apparatus. The heat of flowing fluid inside the coils will be transferred by coils to the spay water which, being heated, becomes saturated vapor. The heat will be then exhausted by the draught fan and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and then be cycled again.

    1. FBHL Crossflow Cooling Tower

      The FBHL crossflow cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is reliable cooling equipment designed with a combined multi-module structure. The single module cooling tower is dissected into smaller upper box and lower box, bringing convenience to transportation and filed disassembly and avoiding the long occupation of the construction site.

    1. FBN Counterflow Cooling Tower

      The incoming air flows in counter direction with the water spray, and then turns into saturated vapors. The heat of the vapor will be exhausted by the wind fans on the top part and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and recycled again.

    1. FBNF Combined Wet-Dry Cooling Tower

      This FBNFcombined wet-dry cooling tower provided by WANXIANG is a reliable energy-efficient combined cooling equipment which, combined by the closed circuit cooling tower and the finned air cooler, could operate at both modes or at an alternating mode. When the temperature is quite high, this combined cooling tower could start the water spray system.

    1. FKH Cooling Tower with Sidestream Filtration

      The FKH cooling tower with side-stream filtration WANXIANG provides to you is a highly efficient industrial cooling apparatus that could be equipped with PVC cooling fins of higher cooling capacity. Its cooling fillers could keep sound hydrophilia for a much longer time, effectively reducing the linear pressure loss and enjoying a greater cooling performance.

    1. Counterflow Evaporative Condenser

      The counterflow evaporative condenser provided by WANXIANG is a specially designed low noise cooling apparatus whose bottom part is inclined to the drain outlet and the heat transfer layer made of PVC fillers is hanged. This elaborate design has made it easier for the sewage and sundries to get out of the condenser.